In the amazing and refined showroom in the hearth of Brera historic district every week training and refresher courses focused on new products or innovative technologies take place. 

After the classes, the showroom becomes the location of events called “In the kitchen with Vergari” - moments of aggregation to enhance public relations and networking.


The showroom provides custom-tailored services, conceived and realised by a staff of industry experts. 


Here you have a list of the services available to professionals, dealers, wholesalers and private citizens:

  • Welcoming Services

  • Dealers Support

  • Architectural Advice

  • Projects Realisation

  • Technical Training - Technicians

  • Products Training - Dealers  


The showroom offers itself as a location for events dedicated to specific products or brands. It is a meeting point where professionals and experts of different fields – architects, dealers, wholesalers and private citizens – can compare each other and exchange their views.


The setting is characterized by an essential and refined design. The pride of this location is the Sholtes Kitchen, where professional chefs and - why not - all the guests can experiment new ways of sharing time together.

  • Aperitives and dinners in a refined but informal location

  • Events dedicated to clients and represented companies

  • 'In the Kitchen with Vergari' - showcooking and tasting

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